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Lady Lunas ([personal profile] ladylunas) wrote2018-12-02 11:26 am


Hi, I'm Lady Lunas.

I don't usually hang out here. I tend to stick to A03 and occasionally Tumblr. I had a account, but I no longer use it and everything that is posted there is years old. I go by the same name on all sites.

I currently write primarily in the Avengers movie-verse (MCU), but dabble in other fandoms. I read in quite a bit more. Fandom and I have a very circular relationship. I have whatever one I'm active in, and the ones I keep returning to. It keeps life fun. And you can never forget your first fandom.

For non-fandom stuff, I write and read primarily in fantasy and science fiction. I've several projects in various stages of completion and a few short stories I send out to circulate the market in hopes that someone will bite. I am also a beginning adult figure skater (try it, it's awesome!) and that takes up a good chunk of my time, not that I mind much. :-)